How to contribute?

  1. Email your submission to editor@thelawthinker.com;
  2. a short biography; and
  3. a shoulder-size picture of yourself.

Should you worry about grammar and spelling?

No. The editorial team will read what you have written. Simple spelling and grammatical mistakes will be corrected. However, the team will not change the content and logic of your submission.

Contributor Guidelines

(The Law Thinker Editorial Guidelines)

  1. Your topic must be about the law, governance or something related to the law or governance (say, politics or economics).
  2. Before you start writing, do some research; find legal or factual content to support your opinion (if any).
  3. Keep it short. All pieces must be between 500 and 1500 words. Anything above 1500 words will not be considered for publication.
  4. Keep it clean. Submissions containing personal attacks, hurtful or insulting language will not be published.
  5. Read over what you have written (aloud if possible). Test your own logic to see if it makes sense. After-all, a LOT (ha!) of people will read what you have written.
  6. Before you get down to writing, frame your topic in the form of a question (lawyer-types will say “issue”); the rest of your piece must focus (or attempt) to answer that question.
  7. Submissions that contain racist, sexist or xenophobic marks will not be published. You should ask yourself, “How will another person perceive what I have written?”
  8. Try to keep the legal jargon to bare necessity – while this blog is about the law, some members of your audience will know nothing about the law.