The Law Thinker blog has evolved somewhat in the past couple of months. We (royal) created the blog in 2013 as “Thinking the Law”. We realised the need for young lawyers to have a outlet for their thoughts about wide-ranging legal topics.

We invite young professionals, budding academics and (KEEN!) law students from anywhere in the world to share their thoughts on law and governance.

We have two types of contributors: guest bloggers who write for “Guest Maverick” blog. We also have resident contributors who write for us often.

All our content is published and made available to anyone who has access to the internet. You are welcome to contact us if you wish to reproduce the content. (It doesn’t belong to us. We will ask the relevant author on your behalf.)

We often edit posts to remove minor grammatical or spelling errors, where we spot them. We do not, however, change the author’s words or logic (even if our team disagrees with the views expressed).

Please note that we are running this blog at a loss and we have no intention of making a profit. SO, if you spot something that belongs to you, such as pictures extracted from Google without your permission, DO NOT SUE! Contact us and we will remove it.

Address: editor@thelawthinker.com

The Law Thinker Team.